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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Birth of a website

I've introduced www.seconddealnsteal.com which is a one-of-a-kind website that allows people to post their well-maintained, good quality seconds and find buyers for them.

The smart buyer will find just the right kind of deals, which are going to be a steal, that they can boast about in the future!

This is an exclusive and free listing service for people to sell second-hand goods, which may be superfluous around their home. You can list products across 13 categories like Art, Books, CDs, Carpets/Rugs, Electronics, Furniture, Lamps/Light fixtures, Showpieces and Others.

This is a win-win game. The seller sells off things that are not being used or not wanted and makes money, while the buyer gets things at a discounted price.

So, bring out that crockery that you've got two identical sets of, for your wedding...or sell off grandpa's rocking chair because you're renovating...or your collection of books and CDs because you've run out of space or sell your home-made craft and art items... and give them another home.

I know I would spot a good deal in some of the items! Do check out the site, register and have fun using it... and shop wisely.

1 comment:

alok said...

congrats manali!!!
m sure ppl will like it n in no time dis site will b hugely popular..AMEN!