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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Viva Vir Das!

I saw the funniest standup English comedy show a few months ago and no..it was not a reality show on television. It was ‘Walking on Broken Das’ at the Nehru Centre, performed by Vir Das. He is India’s sole answer, at the moment, to Jay Leno and the whole gang which kept us entertained in ‘Whose Line is it Anyway?’

It was rib-tickling, one hour of puns, sex jokes, funny characterisation and music. Oh..let me not forget the slides that were flaunted between acts to keep the audience warmed up and in good humour.

Vir Das is a talented performer and even his below-the-belt stuff was hilarious and not vulgar in the least. He’s giving breaks to a lot of new upcoming standup comedians – first in this show he’s introduced Saurabh Pant – but he’s also performing live at Blue Frog every third Sunday at 7.00 pm with a lot of the other upcoming talents.

Do check him out – You’ll be crying tears of joy and laughter. Not a bad way to spend a weekend.

I remember watching him perform at CNBC-TV18, when I worked there. I loved the way he punned his own name – how Vir Das was mauled into ‘Weird Ass’ by the Americans because of their accent!! Keep stuff like this coming.

I do have a suggestion about where you could pick up some rich material for future shows. How about junk e-mails? As a woman, I get far too many on how to enlarge my penis! May be I should be getting an e-mail on how to acquire one in the first place!

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