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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Celebrate Diwali with lights and not noise!

Diwali is next week and I wish everyone happiness, peace and prosperity. But I also wish people would celebrate the festival responsibly. I still remember a Diwali two years ago that could have ended horribly for me.

I was coming home after a walk in the evening and a couple of teenagers were bursting crackers in a school's compound. Since the walls were high, you'd think that pedestrians were well protected from the crackers..right? Yes..but only if the kids were bursting them just within the compound walls.

In this case, some of them decided to act over-smart and started lighting the crackers on the wall ledge facing the pavement. And one of these reckless morons, lit one just as I was passing by, and since the high ledge came up to the height of my head, it exploded near my eye!

I caught a flash of light - like when you see welding sparks - and I turned my head in the nick of time. Today, my eyes are safe and intact and it's because of some quick instinctive reaction on my part. Or I would have been celebrating a festival of lights in darkness, for the rest of my life.

I wish Diwali becomes only a festival of multi-coloured lights, laughter, music and good food and people are punished for bursting crackers on public pavements and roads, where they endanger everyone else and can cause damage to vehicles as well. Start severely fining people who burst crackers outside their building compounds and designate some open spaces - like parks - where they can do it without being a nuisance to the rest of us. After all, one person's idea of enjoyment shouldn't end up being another person's nightmare.


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