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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Kangana Ranaut: Tinsel town's real Shining Star

On Twitter, hundreds of things keep trending in a week and ofcourse every 'promoted' account will talk about their latest innovation (Intel, LinkedIn) or contests (Audi, Castrol. Nissan) or upload links to stories from their latest magazine editions (Harvard Business Review, Economist, Fortune, Filmfare).

I recently started following the managing editor of Filmfare on Twitter as I find her extremely amusing and witty and she retweets stuff from the Filmfare handle frequently. They have a bumper issue out that has all the gorgeous women who've ever acted in Hindi films showcased in it. So film buffs need to pick this issue up just to read up on beauties like Nutan and Smita Patil (my favourite) and everyone else who were in Bollywood, prior to the 1990s.

But what disappointed me was that the magazine chose to put Aishwarya Rai Bachchan on the cover. Well nothing wrong with her being there but she isn't exactly the best actress of her generation and when compared to Rekha, Smita Patil, Nutan, Sharmila Tagore, Hema Malini and Helen (whose also a National Award winning actress but not many are aware of this fact because she made cabarets look like so much fun and did it so gracefully), Mrs Bachchan Junior is seriously overshadowed.

So I was kind of confused at the reason this mediocre actress was there, and I'm assuming her 'brand' managers have done a good job of getting her that job - of pouting for one photo for the cover of Filmfare. She hasn't done any acting since having her kid and the Prestige pressure cooker ads with her hubby aren't exactly great. It's such a put-on act that it looks like what it is - stilted.

And to be honest, in most of her movies she hasn't got any vibes going with her co-stars (the notable exception being Salman Khan) and it showed in most of her performances. On my part, I'm glad she's sticking to motherhood because she wasn't a great actress at all, and am happy for all the other younger actresses who are getting work as a result of this. And one of my favourites for a while now has been Kangana Ranaut. I saw her in 'Woh Lamhe' and was floored by how she played the role of Parveen Babi in that movie.

I'm sorry that I haven't watched more of her movies because she's truly uninhibited in front of the camera. I partially saw 'Fashion' and thought she overshadowed Priyanka Chopra totally in the movie (and she seems to have done it again in 'Krrish 3', where reviews have praised her liberally). She deserved the National Award she won for 'Fashion'. I'm not so sure about Ms Chopra though, who also won for her 'dal-chawal' role of a small-time girl who sleeps her way to the top, in the same movie. I was like, is that acting or a stinging reality for most of these movie stars anyway?

I then watched a video of Kangana recently where she's so poised, charming and articulate about who she is and what she wants from life, her career and in a companion. For a 26 year old with no godparents/father in tinsel town, she's made it on her own terms. I was a fan from the very first, but a lot of you, who have yet to discover her should watch this video and be awed and humbled at the same time. She's truly incomparable and Filmfare should have had her on their cover. Not some overrated, talent-strapped former beauty queen whose never known to even dress well, given all the money and advisors at her disposal. Worse, lately she seems to have decided to wear curtains at all her public appearances! She makes for good photo-shopped pictures though but even then Kangana shines through. 

She dresses, acts and looks wow at all of her public appearances, and she does this effortlessly without ever having won a jaded beauty contest, so how could anyone in their right mind not want to promote her? I'm rooting for a sparkling, spirited, feisty and outspoken Kangana any day.

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Huzy Tapia said...

Great observation about a plastic-beauty (Ash). She truly has never impressed me other than in HDDCS and Dhoom 2. I do admire the performance abilities of Kangana and she lives up to it everytime...

Another set of shining and fading stars is Dipika and Priyanka... Priyanka really seems to have lost it after her father's death and is actually doing anything to keep herself out of home. Her unnecessary item numbers in many films and stint roles prove that she is actually losing the mettle.
On the other hand, Dipika is just getting stronger and stronger.. After Cocktail, there has been no looking back for her and she has lived up everytime too.

Her screen presence in Ram-Leela is awesome and she has more than managed to sit strong and give an applauding performance against legends like Supriya Pathak. Her giant steps to super stardom.