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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Look sexy in La Moda's ultra cool clothes

Are you looking for exclusive clothes to wear that no one has got their jewelled fingers on yet? Those daringly low necklines for that cocktail party or a sequinned top for a night of clubbing - if this is the sort of thing your are looking for, then Mumbai has got to welcome a new entrant.

La Moda will soon be in Mumbai, once a minor issue of space is resolved and Leena Sekhawat can get started. She is an importer and exporter of clothes and is based in Milan. She plans to bring down a range of clothes from various Italian boutiques, that she sources from.

She was briefly down for three days to scout for business and a sneak peak at the clothes proves that she's got great taste. So people, you know where to head once she sets up her own boutique.

Unfortunately, she's going to be dressing up female bodies only, so men will have to stick to their tried and tested wardrobe!

There were flowery dresses, an A-line, lime coloured, combination of crepe-tulle fabric skirt, tops with assymetrical cuts and sizzlingly seductive necklines. There were short playful skirts and Elvis Presley in his element on a sleeveless, sequinned top.

Then there were wrap tops in blue, green and pink. Snazzy front tie-ups ending at the hip or a longer one that hugged the silhouette, was also there for women with gym-toned figures to flaunt.

Then there were hip hugging pants with the maximum waist size being 30 inches, and shimmery belts to complete the party look. To round off the hip look, La Moda also had some handbags, but she could do with expanding the range a little bit.

But Leena has plans to dress up TV channel anchors and not your typical Page 3 types, though even they are welcome to buy her clothes. She told moneycontrol, "These clothes are for people with good bodies. In Italy, people wear far more daring things." She hopes Indians can carry off her clothes well.

If dressing daringly is what Indian women have been waiting for, to declare that they have arrived, then they know where to go, the next time Leena Sekhawat is in town.

For enquiries e-mail Leena Sekhawat at: lsekhawat@yahoo.com
Written for www.moneycontrol.com


Leena Sekhawat said...

Wow you have written so well..I feel so good..you have expressed, what I actually feel I want to do, and described the clothes much better than even I could have expressed it..I wish I achieve my goal..it's exactly what I want...

Thanks a million! You have helped me by writing this,it has given me a great amount of motivation.

Manali said...


I'm glad my writing could help you achieve your goals.