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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A bath that's refreshing & pricey!

Cutting edge technology has now entered the boring bathroom. For most, it's just an enclosed space to take a bath but the romantic and the rich are adding a whole new dimension to this room.

People are putting in a spa, jacuzzi and just about everything that would help them de-stress, after a hard day at work and especially after the tedious commuting. And there are a lot of manufacturers out there, trying to wriggle into people's homes. Hansgrohe is one such high-end brand. Their shower cubicle is worth checking out. This is a multisystem shower with about 15 torrents, which makes up the medicated steam bath concept. This includes body showers, neck massagers, steam and chromo therapy, the Scottish shower and aromatherapy, as well as a foot massager and a built-in FM radio, or a CD player that attaches itself to your speakerphone.

All this doesn't come cheap and costs as much as a brand new, small car. This shower system is priced at Rs 4.75 lakhs. Or, if you rather prefer to soak luxuriously, then the freestanding tub is what you'll need. Being freestanding, it means you can carry it into your living room and soak in front of your television and enjoy watching Baywatch or Psycho! A copper tub could set you back by Rs 1.2 lakhs.

But the ultimate, seductive device is a German jacuzzi, which hits you with 100 jets at a go and propels bubbles into the tub. All this to make bathing a very enjoyable affair! This is priced at Rs 95,000.

All this is for one aspect of cleanliness, what about if you want to sit on a top-of-the-scale loo and crow about it to the whole world? Well for such people, Keramag's new range of sanitaryware and accessories called the F1 series should do the trick. Porsche, yes the premier car brand, has designed a range of commodes, washbasins, bidets, bathtubs, furniture and unique original ceramic shelving.

The range distinguishes itself, especially through its natural line management. Bell-shaped washbasins symbolizes the "presentation" of water and this is all for a mere Rs 66,000. A floor mounted WC comes at a price of Rs 1.18 lakhs and a bathtub, that can be ordered from Germany, comes for a whopping price of Rs 9 lakhs.

Well, if you have that kind of money, then you may have a Porsche - the car - in your garage anyway!

Written for www.moneycontrol.com

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