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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Ishmeet Singh: Candle in the Wind

I'm not a television buff but one day, while skipping channels, I came across the Voice of India show by accident. I've not been following any of the reality shows with any amount of dedication but just as I switched on to STAR Plus that day, Ishmeet Singh came on. I was about to switch channels but I was destined to hear this honeyed voice that's hushed forever now.

And I became rooted to the spot. I couldn't move because he sang so wonderfully. It was obvious, this young man was going to go places. He reminded me of two of my favourite singers - Marc Anthony and Bryan Ferry. He had screen presence, confidence, amazing amount of comfort in front of the mike and the camera and was note perfect. In addition to all this, his brilliant smile simply lit up the stage.

That voice is no more and that the tragedy happened to one so young and who was at the cusp of life - this is what makes it all the more painful. He had so much to live for and I can't even put myself in the shoes of his grieving family because I can understand that it's not something that an outsider can ever experience in the same depth.

I often wonder why God chooses to take people away just when we need them the most. Ishmeet's voice would have provided entertainment to millions in this country. It would have soothed people after a hard day's work. It would have made sick people sit up and listen and forget their pain. His voice was made to work its magic on us.

Now, only God gets to listen to it. That's not fair. I feel cheated out of something that's priceless.

He made his family proud of him in the few short years that he was graced with - and that's an immense legacy. How many parents can boast of a child like him? Ishmeet Singh was a candle in the wind. His spark fluttered briefly but brightly. Let him rest in peace.


kanwar said...

Yes, indeed it is a sad loss. The family will be greived, he was always on he move for last year due to competition and his mother cried when he sand 'Aj maa de haatha diya rotiya' (Today I feel like eating my chapatis made by my mother's hands). It is very sad. I like his this performance the most, though may be being in Punjabi this song could not be fully connective to others from india.

alok said...

itz a really a tragic loss for indian music....he was all set to contribute a lot...