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Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Gift of Humour

I gifted a friend this poem on his birthday. It's something that can be also shared with the world as well - so people can take it away with them and keep it on the tip of their tongue or at the back of their mind or in some dark corner of their soul, to be recalled, when they need it the most. Laughter revives me.

A gift is not asked for,
but it is understood.

A gift is not hoped for,
but receiving one still feels good.

A gift can be wishes, a souvenir or bling,
a poem, a song or a blessing.

I've chosen to give you the gift of laughter,
for this moment and ever after.

Cherish and add to this gift.
Use it everytime you need a lift.

There is nothing that laughter can't cure,
making you happy, restored and feeling pure.

A free gift with no peer and none that equals,
the power of humour and a few good chuckles.

Life comes alive with laughter.
It sees you through illness, pain and disaster.
Now and hereafter.

1 comment:

Apurva said...

Yups !!! Completely agree...Life comes alive with laughter... and is the best medicine.