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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Skyfall: Neither stirred or shaken!

So many magazine covers have done stories on the theme of '50 years of Bond movies', and I've enjoyed this series more than most others in the genre. I've haven't watched only one of them and hope to do so soon.

Anyway, I recently watched 'Skyfall' and I didn't enjoy it as much as the others. Daniel Craig was put through his moves, and he's given his all to his stunt scenes but he didn't look comfortable doing the 'natural' stuff! His rage at M (for giving his colleague the order to shoot down an assassin he is fighting with on a moving train, even when she says she can't get him properly in her rifle's scope. So, she ends up shooting Bond off the train) is such a school-boy act. He broods at  a seaside shack and honestly doesn't look all that outraged.

Then there are his two-bit sex scenes which he distinctly looks uncomfortable doing - like it's a chore imposed on him by the script rather than the fun it's supposed to be for his character. I've seen all of the Sean Connery movies and most of the Roger Moore ones. They certainly seemed to get their fun and games right..with the right kind of lines and emotions.

I think the movie lacks from any real chemistry between Bond and his women. And ofcourse, they haven't given Craig any lines at all to speak. It's literally a wham, bam and-not-even-a-thank-you kind of act, which I found weird. Because the Bond movies are all about how suave he is with women - witty, complimentary and rakish to the core. Couldn't Craig have asked for some lines of dialogue to be added..or for the scenes to be just deleted anyway? Why fake it so much?

The plot isn't that great either - an MI-6 agent gone rogue. Having seen the Bourne series..this movie was a distinct letdown in comparison. The one actor who came out doing a better job than Bond, was Javier Bardem, who plays Silva (the bad agent). He's convincingly crazy, conflicted and soured with revenge on his mind.

Please have him play the next Bond - this Spanish hottie deserves the lead role rather than it only going to actors of the British Commonwealth. (Here's hoping an Indian actor also gets to play him in future too.) Besides, Bardem is married to the very beautiful Penelope Cruz, and I'd love to see this favourite actress as a Bond girl. And we might actually see some sparks fly between Bond and his woman.

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