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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Can men do anything without sexing us up?

Watching ads and promos on television can be even more entertaining than actually viewing the shows being aired. So that's what I do...between wandering around the house, doing chores, reading, and doing assignments, while my sister and mom are plopped in front of the television, watching those 'rona-dhona' (weepy-washed out) serials (as I call them).

One promo really caught my eye. It is for a new serial on Life Ok (I didn't catch the name of the serial because they tend to be like long sentences!). Anyway, it shows a woman who is trying to park her car and not able to do it, so she's holding up traffic. Then a guy sitting in his SUV whose been watching this for a while, gets out of his vehicle and offers to park it for her.

He does it and she thanks him. He turns around and taunts her by saying 'You women can't even park cars and you are looking to run this country'. And while she's still recovering from her shock, the sexist jerk walks back to his car. The bimbo who is with him is impressed with his caring attitude because she hasn't heard what he's told the other woman, but only watched him help her out. So she simpers and says 'Shlok, I like it that your so caring'. And he gives her a cheesy grin and says 'Yes, I'm always ready to help women.'

Does this kind of man sound familiar to anyone? A sexist, chauvinist hidden behind a conveniently caring and politely condescending veneer?

Honestly, I loved the way the promo concept was shot and scripted. But I definitely would have given that woman car driver an interesting line to say too. And that would be: 'You men are better drivers than us. But that doesn't mean you know how to run a country any better than us. You've already proved it by running this country, and many others, so badly!'

And besides, when men need us to sell everything - from cars to shaving cream - we can't be totally dispensable, can we? I'll let you ogle at the images in this post...and I took them at Barista.

So yes, apparently even coffee can't be sold without sexing us up. The day you figure out how to do this guys, then come and talk down to us.

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