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Friday, January 31, 2014

"I'm gonna tell God everything"

Lately, I've chanted this line to a lot of my male friends, that "their gender has made this world an unsafe and unfair place for everyone else but themselves." Except when they are at the receiving end of such behaviour from other men, or through their own sheer stupidity, I don't think many of them even notice or care because normally status quo suits them just fine. Usually when others are getting hurt or being trampled over, or killed, it doesn't pinch them.

But I suggest, they take a look at this picture. Some of that smug nonchalance might get wiped off because this innocent little boy is just the perfect example of what I have been saying all along. And look what he has threatened to do!

A lot of you men (and any women who happen to be like you) deserve to get some special attention from God, for this kind of atrocity, and a lot else.

- For the everyday kind of 'emotional atyachaar' that you put people through, when you live or work with others.
- For the 'chuna lagaoing' that you do in the name of dating (and marriage). When you don't and won't conduct an honest relationship. How you expect your hollow relationships to work is anyone's guess.
- For the ass-licking (and the cheap office politics) that you indulge in, to climb up the corporate ladder, when you have neither the abilities or the intelligence to become successful on your own merit.

I'm only sorry that a little kid had to die to take these overdue messages to God.

(Here's a video dedicated to the child that Sunny sent me) 

I also found this graphic that lists monetary compensation, country-wise, for victims of armed conflict. Hope this helps someone.

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