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Saturday, August 01, 2015

Cool Jewellery That Will Make You Feel ‘Safer’

Women (and men) can now get a cool looking safety wearable device from Leaf Innovations. Founded by Avinash Bansal, Ayush Banka, Chiraag Kapil, Manik Mehta and Paras Batra in March 2014, this device is called Safer and can be worn as a bracelet, finger ring or necklace.

It’s for use during emergencies and when the wearer feels unsafe – it works on push button technology, so all a user has to do is to tap on the jewellery twice, which pings for help by sending out automated alerts to family, friends, the police and the larger community in the vicinity, after a brief 30 seconds gap. This ‘gap’ has been programmed in to stop a false call, if the jewellery has been accidentally set off.
A user needs to download the app; buy the jewellery; then sync the jewellery with the app to activate it and then add guardians. You can pre-order this and even check if it’s compatible with your phone before doing so. Here is the list and since some specific phone models are mentioned, it’s best to check before buying the device. It’s available in black, blue, and green colours and priced at Rs 3,500. The device is waterproof, rust-proof and has a battery life of six months.
This ‘safety jewellery’ comes with features like SaferWalk, where a destination has to be entered,how-safer-keeps-you-safer then the user’s selected guardian can see her/him reach her/his destination in real-time. Once the person gets there safely, live tracking is disabled. It also has sound notifications, which ensures no important call or message is missed. It obligingly sends a reminder via the phone, if the user forgets to wear the device or forgets to carry the phone.
According to this source, an app is in the works too, which “will work without internet or even cellular network and is supposed to come out next month. In case, the guardians do not have the Safer app on their phones, an SMS with a help message and the user’s location will be sent.”
The firm raised Rs 10 lakhs as seed-funding, at an IIT Bombay event from Mumbai Angels, early this year. There are plans to launch a similar range of wearables for senior citizens and teens, in the future.
Written for the Ericsson blog - NetworkedIndia

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