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Thursday, December 17, 2015

‘Smart Wand’ Wearable Monitors Patients Closely

If you were ever a patient or a family member has been one, then you really do keep your fingers crossed that everything turns out alright..don’t you? You are literally in someone else’s hands..and that’s not necessarily God! 

The hospital staff has you and hundreds of others, whom they are monitoring at the same time, and a slip in concentration or just lack of timely attention can be fatal.

A bunch of IIT-Mumbai geeks – Suryakant Thoraskar, Vineesh VS, and Anjaly TR – came up with an idea, to make life easy for healthcare professionals. Vineesh VS told Networked India what inspired him and the others was that, “According to statistics, the number of qualified nurses-to-patient ratio in India, is far less than the required number. There have been many unfortunate incidents where the condition of a patient has gotten worse, or they even die due to the lack of timely attention from the nurses. With the limited number of nurses, hospitals are struggling to give proper care to the patients.”

Vineesh VS
Knowing this, a wearable like Smart Ward was just waiting to happen. It is an automated patient monitoring system, based on the Android platform, that provides real-time values of the patients’ vitals, and alerts the staff about critical changes in those parameters. He added that the big challenge for them was:
Keeping the price of the wearable as low as possible while maintaining the quality of the signal. Hence, we needed to keep only the necessary vitals which are really required for regular monitoring of the patient.”
Worldwide, there are others as well, who have realised the importance and the need for such devices and apps. Like the students at the University of Wollongong in Dubai, who have designed the MyChol app, which monitors a patient’s health and fitness level and “includes diet logs and step trackers but adds unique features such as cholesterol level logs as well as calculations based on factors specific to the patient.”
Picture is representational and was written for Ericsson's blog.

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