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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Feel the thrills leap off the screen

You just love the new Bang and Olufsen home theatre system but the thought of setting it up just daunts you. Don't worry, help is here. If you know what to expect, then the task doesn't seem all that overwhelming.

First begin with a good flat panel displays, better known as plasma TVs. A lot of brands are out there but a Kores 42 inch is definitely going to hog space in your apartment. So trying hanging it on the wall. The Kores plasma display has got an SVGA output, which means it gives decent resolution for DVD, VCDs etc. It is not a very well known brand but is a value for money buy.

It has two speakers like any other TV and also a built-in tuner, because of which you can watch off-air broadcasts, cable TV. This comes with a table stand and a wall mounted bracket, in case you want to put it up on the wall.

Next pick the DVD player. A Yamaha DVD player is just as good as any other brand. But the reality is that the better DVD player you buy, the picture quality will be that much superior. Apart from playing DVDs, the Yamaha player also plays SACDs (Super audio CDs), DVD audio, and also plays games. So this system will be able to play gaming CDs that have been burnt on a PC.

The next step is to look at a good home theatre receiver that will decode, process and amplify all you signals coming in from the DVD player. This is the heart of the home theatre system and it's called a AV Receiver or a AV Amplifier. Everything comes together in this unit and gets synchronised perfectly to give you that perfect viewing experience.

The next step is selecting a whole set of speakers and take competent advice to do this correctly. Take a knowledgeable friend along if you have to. But whatever you do, don't skimp on surround speakers for that groovy movie theatre feel.

Another thing that costs quite a bit is the cables attaching each of these devices, so you wouldn't want to do it wrong. But once you are all wired up, then you will be ready to go on just about any cinematic journey or musical odyssey.

Tips for setting up a home theatre
Keep centre speaker directly above or below the display (TV).

Front speakers should be close to the display and in the same plane.

Don't stint on buying the best DVD player and surround speakers.

Written for www.moneycontrol.com

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