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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Harlem Globetrotters to shoot hoops in India

Enjoying a game of basketball with hot dogs and soda is a quintessential weekend activity in the United States. The famous Harlem Globetrotters are coming to India, to give Indians a taste of the American life.

They are undoubtedly one of the most famous and skillful basketball teams in the world. Their unusual style has set them apart, in a league of their own - be it their antics on the court or their rather descriptive names. Speaking of things unusual - they should feel right at home, when they come to India in September. Hopefully, they will come with their adorable mascot, Globie, who unstintingly appeals to children. One look at him and you'll know why!

The team was originally formed from the Wendell Phillips High School. The team played in the Negro American Legion League as the "Giles Post," and in 1927 turned professional as the Savoy Big Five under manager Dick Hudson. Later that year, promoter Abe Saperstein (Hall of Fame, 1971) bought the team and renamed it the Harlem Globetrotters.

Up until the late 1930s, the Globetrotters were a serious competitive team. Starting with the acquisition of Inman Jackson, the Globetrotters began to work more light entertainment and comedic routines into their appearances, but could still play with the best of the professional teams.

In 1939, the Globetrotters were runners-up to the New York Rens (Hall of Fame, 1963) in the World Professional Basketball Tournament in Chicago. The team won the tournament in 1940. After World War II, the team lived up to its name and became real "globetrotters," travelling the world and entertaining thousands. With players such as Geese Ausbie, Goose Tatum, 1998 Hall of Famer Marques Haynes, Curly Neal and Meadowlark Lemon, the Globetrotters quickly became ambassadors of bringing their showmanship to millions.

The team has played over 20,000 games in more than 100 countries around the world. The Globetrotters have often taken the game beyond its definitions of winning and losing. And that's exactly what they have set out to do in India. Here, they will promote the game to remind people that sport is still fun.

This team appeals to little children like no other. Take a look at their website and you will understand the reason. They have a Flash Media programme that allows kids to play basketball games online and score hoops and jigsaw puzzles of team members, which they can put together. All this is off-court.

But on court as well, this is just the kind of interactive play and showmanship that they are famed for.

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