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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The media cacophony

There is no escaping the media -and I'm a journalist saying this. Good for me, I'm a business (features) journalist or I would have wondered why I chose to be in this profession. But I do love to write - cliched as it may sound.

But what's it with my fellow colleagues in the mainstream media? They just can't seem to let go of inanity at all. They are like a dog with a bone - a bone that they have picked dry a long time ago! They go on ad nauseum about two bollywood stars and their shenanigans, or some equally vapid issue. On and on and on it goes. A minor non-issue is given so much air-time or print space that it assumes proportions that it does not deserve. Where's the sense of news judgement?

Today, more than ever, the media has a responsibility to impart news judiciously, especially in this climate of cheap gimmicks, anything-goes-for publicity and sensationalising everything to give it religious and political overtones.

Please take an intelligent call on what is a genuinely frivolous story that is not going to affect anyone's sleep (Aishwarya and Abhishek marrying) to what should really concern us as a nation (terrorism, Nithari-Noida killings, Muslims feeling sidelined etc)

I have visions of entire forests being denuded for the paper required to print stories about celebrities and their lives. And at the end of all that devastation, who is the wiser?

Do we really need to have so much written about such people, when all anyone has to do is turn on the TV or surf up the information on the net?

By all means, do report trivial stuff and lighten our days, but please don't beat us over the head with too much of it. So, will you guys give it a rest - and the rest of us a break as well!

Come on guys - get a life

Written for www.msn.co.in

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Anonymous said...

Many thanks for sharing it. I fully agree with your thoughts.