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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Get that extra edge at this charm school

Mega deals have been making front page news almost daily. Indians are making those deals and that goes to show, how confident they have become about stepping up and taking what they feel should be theirs to own and expand. This may prove that Indian businesspeople have the smarts to make such big moves. But are they as confident about the softer skills that go with such success?

Do they know how to handle themselves in jetset company? May be this is second nature for the likes of Lakshmi Mittal or Ratan Tata but there are many dealmakers, who could benefit from some well meant and good advice. And that's where the image experts and etiquette gurus come in - they take you under their wing, guide you, teach you the nuances of refined manners in extremely la-di-da society and then set you free - to conquer even more mountains - with even more charm and finesse.

That's is precisely where The Edge Academy comes in. It's motto is "sharpening your corporate image for the global market' and promises to make you a more complete corporate man or woman. This academy has been started by theatre director, Raell Padamsee, advertising guru Alyque Padamsee's daughter. He is also a member of the faculty. Raell Padamsee’s interactions with several corporate head honchos brought to the fore, that there was a great need for their teams to be well versed in the soft skills, as well as hone their presentation skills in the global arena.

Core faculty team consists:
-Alyque Padamsee – Marketing and advertising guru. Theatre director and Padmashree awardee.
-Sabira Merchant – An icon in corporate finesse and well known theatre personality.
-Raell Padamsee – Has designed and executed a wide range of exclusive events.

Therefore, the point of setting up such an academy is that most of the first impressions are non-verbal and create an image in the client’s mind. So, if employees look and act the part, it strengthens their value and brand, giving management the image of confidence, credibility and success. As adman, Alyque Padamsee told moneycontrol, "There are hundred percenters, and then there are the rest, which do you choose to be?"

The programme will have Raell leading all the meltdown exercises, working on shedding inhibitions, team building, creative visualization in the key business areas. Alyque Padamsee will impart his knowledge on how to generate a powerful presence, command attention and make a killer presentation among other things. The third person of this core triumvirate is etiquette coach Sabira Merchant, who will do what she does best – groom students on social etiquette.

So, the certified course that the Academy provides has a range of corporate modules that aim towards enhancing the professional corporate image of the entire workforce. The courses are designed and customized to match a company's needs and all its requirements. So, if a bunch of young yuppies have just swung a good deal for a coporate, then they could be on their way to global postings, and that's where the etiquette training will help...in abundance. Noted theatre personality and etiquette coach, Sabira Merhant says, “Etiquette is the key that opens us to a broader life, so that we can find social happiness.”

These corporate grooming courses are tailored to meet all different levels of management, including the hospitality industry, BPOs, businesses – anyone and everyone who wants to improve their own image or that of their company. The programmes are available in the following grades:

o Platinum

o Gold

o Silver

o One on One (individually designed to suit requirements)

What's more, is that, The Edge Academy has roped in experts and special consultants like Salvatore Ferragamo, Aigner, Fratelli Rosetti, Christine Valmy International School of Aesthetics, Reid & Taylor, Westside, Pantaloons and The Rudra Spa.

For more details contact:
Manju Utamchandani
Tel : 022 22842845/6/7/8

Written for www.moneycontrol.com

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