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Friday, September 28, 2007

The Bourne Ultimatum

The latest Bourne film called 'The Bourne Ultimatum' has Matt Damon reprising his role of CIA officer Jason Bourne. His character has spent the last three years running away from himself because he doesn't recall who he really is... and why he was programmed to become some kind of a killing machine. Then there is the desire to take revenge for his girlfriend who was killed in India (in the previous film, for which Damon came to Goa to shoot.)

This movie - the third one in the Bourne series - is about Jason going in search of his true identity and a operation called Blackbriar, of which he has the dubious honour of being the first graduate. Telling you anymore would be giving away the entire plot but the movie is fast paced. After a while you get breathless watching him zip across Madrid, England and Africa all in the space of 45 minutes.

But it's a great world tour and Tangier, where some of the action has been filmed is really a place worth visiting - it's narrow bazaar lanes, white-washed houses and mosaic flecked buildings made for some good chase scenes. It can take second prize after the one Daniel Craig did in Casino Royale.

Another reason, you get a sense of immediacy and as if you are actually participating in the film is because a lot of the scenes where he is being chased or he's driving away from people who are chasing him is done with cameras are that almost placed on Matt Damon's lap or in his pocket - atleast it feels that way. So, when cars come and smash into his car, you can expect to go wide-eyed and say 'oh God I'm dead!" But of course, Bourne makes it through everything - even when he drives a car off the roof of a building!

While Bourne uncovers some truths about himself, he is doing it at the expense of people who want to hide their own involvement. So, there is plenty of killing to get rid of people who know too much, plenty of scope for double-crossing and of course the whole movie is about men trying to cover their ass after playing God with other people's lives.

Then there is the great way how technology can be used (or misused) to keep an eye on people halfway across the world via surveillance cameras, internet, satellites, mobile phones being tapped, text messages being intercepted. The way people are plugged into the technological network these days, this is an inevitable result.

I found the ending a little tame and predictable and the director has left the ending open for yet another sequel... But if a well made, slightly thin on the plot, slam-bam movie is what you want to watch this weekend, then go for this one.

Written for www.newsgaze.com

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