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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Serigraph exhibition of great artists

The season of wet, mucky roads is still with us so, what does one do for amusement? Well, try art exhibitions for a change. Visiting them can enrich your knowledge of art. There are many exhibitions happening throughout the city and it's a good way to educate yourself and spend quality time indoors - out of the rain.

One such art show is on at the Tao Art Gallery at Worli till September 14, from 10.30 am to 6.30 pm. It's displaying serigraphs by noted artists like SH Raza, Madhavi Parekh, Jogen Chowdhury among others.

There is a colourful series of paintings called 'Telangana People' done by Vaikuntam. These paintings are done in rich, bold colours which complements the dusky hues of the skin tone of the South Indians depicted in the works. The smooth brush strokes just about mirrors the clear complexions of most village folk, in reality.

Raza's famour 'bindi' series is also up for display. His fascination with the round 'tikka' that is sported by most married women is now legendary. The artist has found so many layers of meaning in this symbol of matrimony - for him it embodies eternity, and is also a metaphor for mother earth and her everlasting influence on mankind and her timeless significance.

Then there was Chowdhury's 'Nandi' series with blue cows frolicking with women in water and generally being comfortable with human contact. The paintings were addressing the idea that people and animals benefit from tender, loving care, equally. So, one painting titled 'Nandi Cure' actually shows a vivid blue cow licking a human leg with veneration and affection.

But to each his own, so, one can walk away from this exhibition with your own interpretations and that's the real charm.

A catalogue is also available of 15 of the serigraphs for Rs 15,000.

Written for www.newsgaze.com

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