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Monday, January 21, 2008

'Heartbreak Kid' touches heartstrings

'Heartbreak Kid' is a Ben Stiller movie which has warm hearted moments that could happen to anyone. He is 40, a bachelor who rushes into a marriage because his ex-fiancee gets married and his father is urging him to do the same.

His father, (played by real-life father Jerry Stiller) is funny and very Seinfeld-ish in the movie – speaks his mind loud and clear – just like he does in the sitcom Seinfeld.

The film could have easily turned slapstick if handled by David Dhawan but with the Farrell brothers writing the script and Ben Stiller doing his lame-lover routine with dignity, this movie is good for laughs. A light, frothy, misunderstanding-filled story.

Ben Stiller is a star who can act goofy and still get the bombshell. But that’s because he’s sexy in a very believable way. He simply carries the movie on his shoulders, while his female co-stars are not exactly props, but their attractive enough to be that.

The blonde wife who looks like a dream and soon turns into a living nightmare of sorts and the peppy, beautiful brunette who walks into his life while he's honeymooning (and regretting his decision) are just the kind of women that most men hope will walk into their lives. But most guys know it is wishful thinking and this only happens to Ben Stiller - the lucky guy!

Watch the movie and hope some of the star's luck rubs off on some of you sorry guys out there!

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