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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bridal Boutique

Are you getting married and thinking of putting together your trousseau? This is the exciting bit for most brides - but where does one go to shop for hi-end ethnic wear. Sure, there are designers like Ritu Beri and Ritu Kumar and ofcourse Tarun Tahiliani but sometimes even their prĂȘt lines may be out of reach of the upper middle class budget.

So, there is a great new alternative option – a store called Kalki which has opened just over a month ago in Worli. This store is the first retail store of Suarabhakti Goods Pvt Ltd, who are into exporting and importing textiles. This store showcases those textiles as finished products.

While materials like georgette, chiffon and velvet can be bought for Rs 2,000 onwards, the readymade salwar-kameez suits in unique colours (like mustard yellow) and with gorgeous hand-work, start from Rs 5,000 onward.

The store also has wedding saris going all the way up to Rs 60,000 and I saw a lady trying on one made out of dark green velvet with silver embroidery on it and it looked stunning. That’s because though the store does have four trial rooms, it also has an upraised ‘stage’ kind of area in a corner, where wannabe brides get help to drape their sari and model it for their loved ones in front of a mirror.

The store also custom dyes a fabric for you. For instance, if you like a certain fabric and the texture but want it in another colour, then they do it for you.

The store also stocks some Indo-Western tops and tunics but the range is limited, though the owner has promised to bring in more variety this Christmas season.

The store also has a small accessories range - like heavy ‘jhumka’ type earrings, tiny hand mirrors and elaborate jewellery boxes and embroidered cloth bags. Though the selection is limited, it is great quality stuff. The jewellery boxes, especially, are beautifully done up and look good enough to gift away by themselves. You can put chocolates and even a bottle of champagne in some of them!

So, do step into this store and add colour and fizz to your celebrations.

Store name: Kalki

Address: 227, Dr Annie Besant Road, Worli, Mumbai – 400025

Tel no: 91-22-24912361

Fax: 91-22-24912362

e-mail: info@kalki.co.in


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