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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Read classics free of cost!

Going online to do research for your projects or to check on new hairstyle trends is not the only reason you should be doing your internet surfing. Well, try to make it more varied and less need-based. Meaning? How about just letting yourself go with a good book – an e-book to be more precise.

If you find you are way behind in your reading of the classics, then this is just the site for you. Check out www.online-literature.com. There are complete works - including some which you never see in print - of 260 authors and 2,260 complete books have been scanned and posted on this site. There are also 3,664 poems and short stories as well to chose from.

A detailed biographical sketch accompanies all the authors and you can even post your own quiz, of any novel that you may have read. A related and very useful link takes an explorer of this site to the Essay Archive site which has access to some 35,000 term papers.

This link makes for a great study tool as well. Imagine finding critical essays on existentialism and Jacques Derrida’s surreal influence on a writer. This is the place for just that kind of plagiarism. I wouldn’t advocate it ofcourse, but then there is so much to tempt you!

Go to this site and relish the caustic wit of George Eliot with a dash of Alexandre Dumas’s mysterious romances. Or if you prefer bland but never dull Charles Dickens with mischievous E Nesbitt novels, then this is just the site to wander….and get lost in.

A nice touch that has been added is that you can order a CD of any of the authors and gift it to someone. At the moment though, the site claims to have just put 268 titles onto CDs and no short stories and poems are available. But what is available is a great resource, which is already a vast repository of more words than most people read in a lifetime anyway.

So, begin your journey ..one word at a time.

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