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Monday, December 17, 2007

Dixit charms in 'Aaja Nachle'

This movie is the gorgeous Madhuri Dixit's comeback movie after her marriage and two kids. And time hasn't marred her beauty - just like wine she's become better with age. And her dancing skills seem unmatched. She's poetry in motion and that beautiful smile of hers lights up the silver screen.

She plays Diya, a New York based choreographer who comes back to her hometown Shamli, after her guru dies to save his institution - Ajanta - being torn down to make place for a shopping mall. She comes back to save her roots and also to find herself again because she gave all this up to elope and get married to a foreigner. Her parents leave Shamli because of the taunts of their neighbours and her teacher loses all his students because the other parents are scared their daughters will do what she did.

But Diya is one of a kind. A small town girl with guts to follow her own heart and the will to make a success of her life despite her marriage breaking down in the US. She comes back with her daughter, Radha, and takes on the narrow-mindedness of her hometown. She has to fight a local politician, a local businessman who wants to build the mall (Irffan Khan) and win a bet with the local 'raja' (Akshaye Khanna), whose family has owned that open-air theatre for generations, and now it's up to him to either let it remain a theatre or give it to the government to build the mall.

How she does rescue Ajanta is the plot of the film and you have to watch it to really see her work her magic on Shamli's residents and us - the audience. She's bold, modern, broadminded and just the right person her guru chooses to rescue his school. Does she succeed? Ofcourse she does...this is a Hindi film after all. But it doesn't look easy and even she has her doubts but that's just what makes the film so likeable and believeable.

Watch it for Madhuri Dixit. She makes acting look so effortless because she's so good at it - the other actresses better wake up!

Written for www.newsgaze.com

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